Pancasila and Religious Harmony

Prof. Mas'ud, PhD
2021 Proceedings of the First International Conference on Islamic History and Civilization, ICON-ISHIC 2020, 14 October, Semarang, Indonesia   unpublished
Being as a nation that exhibits pluralism, Indonesia has a potential for conflict. The fundamental causes of conflict between one region and another are similar. Some are triggered by economic inequality, political feuds, or religious contestation. The various conflicts that have occurred in the last few years show a decline in societal value and national crisis. The founding fathers were brilliantly able to agree on a choice on the basis of the state in accordance with the national character,
more » ... ational character, namely Pancasila. Apparently, Pancasila is a common vision needs to be further pursued. Pancasila is a guideline for state administration. Pancasila, as the ideology of the nation, needs to be preserved not only for the integrity of the nation, but also for real benefits in maintaining the integrity of each one Pancasila is the foundation for constructing a multicultural life with Indonesian characteristics.
doi:10.4108/eai.14-10-2020.2303830 fatcat:vh7e6o5lbfa3bksqaehrgowafi