Problem Solving and the Application of Mathematics in Problem Solving

Hassan Taheri, Mohammad Jasemi, Moslem Jam
Mathematics is a basic science an accurate understanding of which plays an important part in the future achievements of students and the scientific progress of the country. The experts in mathematics have in recent years attempted to change mathematics from a science for the elite into a science for everybody. To apply the concepts of the real world, one needs to understand them well. The problem-solving ability and the use of mathematics in other sciences contribute to better learning and
more » ... nts' interest and motivation. The mathematical studies have focused on the problem-solving for over a decade and researchers have gradually found out that the combination of mathematical problem solving activities in different situations can be a powerful way to develop students' mathematical thinking (Silver et al. 1990). It is thus necessary to establish a link between mathematics and other sciences including art, natural sciences, social sciences etc. in curricula and educational programs. We have dealt in this article with two important factors of learning, i.e. problem-solving and applications of mathematics. When an everyday problem arises, a wrong but seemingly correct solution is first provided, and at last the use of a mathematical topic is provided to solve that problem.