COVID‐19 and the Cerebro‐Cardiovascular Systems: What do we Know so Far?

Anthony S. Larson, Luis Savastano, Ramanathan Kadirvel, David F. Kallmes, Ameer E. Hassan, Waleed Brinjikji
2020 Journal of the American Heart Association : Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease  
The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS‐CoV‐2) pandemic of 2019‐2020 has resulted in multiple hospitalizations, deaths and economic hardships worldwide. Though respiratory involvement in patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‐19) is well‐known, the potential cardiovascular and cerebrovascular manifestations are less‐understood. We performed a PubMed and Google Scholar search and reviewed relevant literature regarding COVID‐19 and cardiovascular system involvement.
more » ... oV‐2 possesses high‐affinity for angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptor, which is highly concentrated in the lungs and cardiovascular tissue, thereby provoking concern for cardiovascular involvement in COVID‐19 cases. Pre‐existing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease has been shown in previous reports to be a risk‐factor for severe infection. Based on our review of published studies, COVID‐19 patients may be more likely to experience acute cardiac injury, arrhythmia, coagulation defects and acute stroke and are likely to have poorer outcomes as a result. As the COVID‐19 pandemic continues, more data regarding potential cardiovascular and cerebrovascular manifestations of the disease is required.
doi:10.1161/jaha.120.016793 fatcat:462rroxc2vek7db25rsthjleee