The wasted primary resource value: an indicator for the thermodynamics of sustainability for municipalities policy

Umberto Lucia
2017 International Journal of Thermodynamics  
Exergy is a thermodynamic quantity which allows us to obtain information on the useful work obtainable in a process. The analyses of irreversibility are important in the design and development of the productive processes for the economic growth, but it plays a fundamental role in the thermodynamics analysis of socio-economic context of municipality. Consequently, the link between the wasted exergy and the energy cost for maintain the productive processes are linked based on the bioengineering
more » ... ermodynamics. This link holds to the fundamental role of fluxes and to the exergy exchanged in the interaction between the system and its environment. A new indicator, the equivalent wasted primary resource value for the work-hour, is suggested to support the public managers for their economic decisions. Here, the Alessandria Municipality is analyzed in order to highlight the application of the theoretical results.
doi:10.5541/eoguijt.285621 fatcat:rwu67oj3qrhehfg2wciwkvqdau