IRON-DB: a database for the Italian Radon mOnitoring Network

Valentina Cannelli
The IRON-DB was developed in 2016 in order to support operation of IRON, the Italian Radon mOnitoring Network. IRON is a network of permanent, continuously operating, real-time radon monitoring stations, developed and implemented in Italy in the past 7 years [Cannelli et al., submitted]. The network represents, at present, the first Italian regional-scale infrastructure for a systematic and continuous monitoring of radon emissions (see for example [Piersanti et al., 2015; Cannelli et al., 2016;
more » ... Piersanti et al., 2016]). IRON presently consists of 19 stations, mainly located in the Central-Southern Apennines, but marginally covering the whole Italian peninsula (Figure 1). Owing to the evolution of IRON network since 2009, in terms of instrumentations, different type of installation and overall of a large number of continuous measurements, it was necessary to implement a database allowing access to all the collected data and to keep track of the evolution of the network.
doi:10.13127/rpt/371 fatcat:vfkbiq5eqzdjboeddzkfblme7e