Incremental Parametric Development of Greedy Algorithms

Dominique Cansell, Dominique Méry
2007 Electronical Notes in Theoretical Computer Science  
The event B method provides a general framework for modelling both data structures and algorithms. B models are validated by discharging proof obligations ensuring safety properties. We address the problem of development of greedy algorithms using the seminal work of S. Curtis; she has formalised greedy algorithms in a relational calculus and has provided a list of results ensuring optimality results. Our first contribution is a re-modelling of Curtis's results in the event B framework and a
more » ... hanical checking of theorems on greedy algorithms The second contribution is the reuse of the mathematical framework for developing greedy algorithms from event B models; since the resulting event B models are generic, we show how to instantiate generic event B models to derive specific greedy algorithms; generic event B developments help in managing proofs complexity. Consequently, we contribute to the design of a library of proof-based developed algorithms. 1 We thank anonymous referees for their comments; we thank Emilie Balland who has developed preliminary models of the study, when she was in the MOSEL team for a training period under the supervision of Dominique Méry. J.-R. Abrial supports our works by friendly messages and comments. Sharon Curtis provides us comments on early developed models. 2
doi:10.1016/j.entcs.2007.05.028 fatcat:2bh3z7y2ejefjbmgc7olvshwpq