I. Observations on the History of St. George, the Patron Saint of England; wherein Dr. Pettingal's allegorical Interpretation of the Equestrian Figure on the George; and the late Mr. Byrom's Conjecture, that St. George is mistaken for Pope Gregory are briefly confuted. And the Martyr of Cappadocia, as Patron of England, and of the Order of the Garter, is defended against both

Samuel Pegge
1779 Archaeologia  
The connection of the Society of Antiquaries with the Patron of theEnglishNation St. George, whose Anniversary is the day appointed by statute for the Election of their Officers, and whereof the King's most excellent Majesty is theFounder and Patron,as well as Sovereign of theOrder of St. George,seems to make it necessary that some proper notice should be taken, by some of its members, of two late publications tending to the Annihilation of this Saint. There can be no reason, at this day,
more » ... at this day, against an Enquiry into the truth of the Admission and Acceptance ofSt. George,the Martyr, by our Ancestors as the Patron and Protector of this kingdom; especially since Dr.Pettingal,Author of one of the Pieces alluded to, supposes the George and Garter to be entirely of an emblematical or allegorical Nature; and Mr.Byrom,Author of the other Piece, has declared, thatSt. Gregory the Great,Bishopof Rome,and notSt. George,was the real Patron-Saint of theEnglish.
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