Recoil Decay Tagging Study Of Transitional Proton Emitters 145,146,147Tm

A. P. Robinson
2005 AIP Conference Proceedings  
Gamma rays from the transitional proton emitting nuclei 145,146,147 Tm have been observed using the recoildecay tagging technique. The ground state band of 147 Tm was confirmed and extended and the unfavoured signature sequence was observed. A ground state rotational band with properties of a decoupled h 11/2 band was observed in 145 Tm. In addition coincidences between the proton fine structure line and the 2 + →0 + γ-ray transition in 144 Er were detected at the focal plane of the FMA. This
more » ... the first time that coincidences between proton radioactive decays and γ rays have been seen. The particle decay of 146 Tm has been measured with improved statistics and a rotational band similar to 147 Tm has been observed.
doi:10.1063/1.1905314 fatcat:4pzvhgaykbbdtolf4nn4j24iby