Marc Epstein
1997 unpublished
Observations on the biology of Dalcerides ingenita (H. Edwards) are documented, many for the first time, with photographs and images captured from video. Dalcerid larvae have a dorsum covered with gelatinous warts. It is reported here that the head, prothorax, ventrum and anal segment of larval dalcerids are molted apart from the dorsum of the remaining thorax and abdomen. The gelatinous warts are irregularly molted and are believed to form as a result of secretions beneath old layers of
more » ... ld layers of integument. Time-lapse photography of cocoon construction indicates that the warts are sloughed off and fed on by the prepupa. Images of other behaviors include larval locomotion and use of the spinneret, cannibalism of unhatched larvae by newly hatched siblings, and adult emergence and copulation.