The Flavones of the European Species of Silene Section Elisanthe

O. Mastenbroek, J. J. Knorr, R. Kamps-Heinsbroek, J. W. Maas, J. M. Steyns, J. van Brederode
1983 Zeitschrift für Naturforschung C - A Journal of Biosciences  
The flavones present in three European species of Silene section Elisanthe (Silene diclinis, S. heuffelii and S. marizii) have been identified. The flavones of these species were compared with the flavones present in the three remaining species of section Elisanthe in Europe (5. dioica, 5. noctiflora and 5. pratensis). It was found that isovitexine-7-O-glucoside is present in all these species. The other flavones. notably the 2′-O-glycosylated ones, show a distribution over the species. The
more » ... he species. The presence of flavone glycosylating genes in 5. diclinis, S. heuffelii and S. marizii was tested by biochemical means. The results of this experiment show that the gene g-G. controlling the formation of isovitexin-7-O-glucoside, is the basic flavone glycosylating gene in European species of section Elisanthe. The other flavone glycosylation genes, g-X, gl, gl-A, gl-R, fg and Fg are not present in all specie
doi:10.1515/znc-1983-11-1202 fatcat:6t4jtdjgpjhpjfv22bpqqxdnzq