Biomechanical Analysis of Top Discus Throwers Performance in Egypt

2012 مجلة تطبیقات علوم الریاضة  
The purpose of the presented study is to determine the specific kinematical changes related to discus throw during each phase of performance and comparing it with the specific kinematical variables in each phase in the national champion with elite athletes. a biomechanical analysis was performed on the first place thrower ( Omar el gazaly ) at the national champion of Egypt 2011 (64.74 m), which is the 4th place during world cup champion 2006, and the first place in the African champion 2006,
more » ... an champion 2006, (PB 66.58m in 2007). All trails of the subject were recorded, but a kinematical analysis was established for the best three trails. Two video cameras ( DCR-SR68 SONY) 60 FPS were focused on the circle, one camera took the thrower from the side of his throwing Arm ( right handed ) and the second one took his rear view related to the direction of throw. Both views covered a width of 5 m related to the center of the circle, and the analysis was performed by DARTFISH TEAM PRO 4 software program. The results show that, the delivery phase time of the subject was 0.18 sec during his best trail, which was 20 % of the total performance time, the discus resultant velocity was 25.4 m/s and the flight time was 0.08 sec during the three trails, and that was about 9-11 % of total performance time. the average angle of release in three trails was about (34.4˚). the height of release in the best trail was 1.76 m. the total performance time of three trails was 0.880 sec but his phases time characteristics were different.
doi:10.21608/jass.2012.84929 fatcat:76oy32xvovcpbfy2cu5gbpzki4