Heat Transport Driven by the Coupling of Polaritons and Phonons in a Polar Nanowire

Yangyu Guo, Masahiro Nomura, Sebastian Volz, Jose Ordonez-Miranda
2021 Energies  
Heat transport guided by the combined dynamics of surface phonon-polaritons (SPhPs) and phonons propagating in a polar nanowire is theoretically modeled and analyzed. This is achieved by solving numerically and analytically the Boltzmann transport equation for SPhPs and the Fourier's heat diffusion equation for phonons. An explicit expression for the SPhP thermal conductance is derived and its predictions are found to be in excellent agreement with its numerical counterparts obtained for a SiN
more » ... anowire at different lengths and temperatures. It is shown that the SPhP heat transport is characterized by two fingerprints: (i) The characteristic quantum of SPhP thermal conductance independent of the material properties. This quantization appears in SiN nanowires shorter than 1 μm supporting the ballistic propagation of SPhPs. (ii) The deviation of the temperature profile from its typical linear behavior predicted by the Fourier's law in absence of heat sources. For a 150 μm-long SiN nanowire maintaining a quasi-ballistic SPhP propagation, this deviation can be as large as 1 K, which is measurable by the current state-of-the-art infrared thermometers.
doi:10.3390/en14165110 fatcat:anssqsir2jc7ve7vlzcqnpajy4