Un estudio comparativo de parámetros temporales y de nominalización en las perspectivas de Vendler y de Halliday. Reflexiones para el discurso científico

Fernanda Wiefling, Ann Borsinger–Montemayor
2015 Texturas  
The aim of this work is to compare nominalizations based on a corpus of scientific articles in Physics and Anthropology taking into account the aspectual-semantic typology of Vendler (1967) and the figure typology of Halliday & Mathiessen (1999). First we suggest that to establish this type of taxonomies it is necessary to consider not only the seemingly isolated lexical content of the verb, but also the participants and circumstances implied in more contextual aspects. Second, after a detailed
more » ... d, after a detailed contrastive analysis of the different choices in nominalizations made in each discipline, we suggest the further hypothesis that there exists a correspondence between these nominalization choices and the discipline concerned.
doi:10.14409/texturas.v0i14.4789 fatcat:ecqez4lpn5eq3hxifadxwbas5u