Development and Research of Digital Campus System Based on Android

Li Ma, Yu Zhuo, Kuo Liao, Shen Liu, Jie Qiao, Zhenyu Han, Jin Wang
2014 International Journal of Smart Home  
Digital Campus System is an important platform for students to get all kinds of information .Since the present digital campus system has a defect that users can't achieve the campus information through a mobile phone this paper focuses on some key issues such as how to connect to the target site via the communication interface, crawl pages and sub-pages, parse the desired content and store information in the SQlite database in developing wireless digital campus system based on Android. As a
more » ... lt, this paper provides a practical solution to access School Dean, libraries, etc. Compared with the traditional way to access Web pages through the mobile browser, the software is more convenient and saves much more data traffic.At the same time, the software not only achieves the docking of Mobile and campus information, and bring a great convenience to the majority of students, but also provides efficient support for the school management. 26 Copyright ⓒ 2014 SERSC technologies, smart phones occupy a high market share in a number of handheld devices. And smart phones regarding the Android as operating system account for a large proportion of all the smart phones. The campus information is enormous, it's normal for today's college students to view class locations and test results, renew books from the library, browse all kinds of campus information. There're some mobile applications about helping students to achieve campus information, but the vast majority of them are only developed with a particular function. Thus, it's only convenient for students to conduct a unilateral operation instead of bringing a variety of convenience for students in the true sense. Not only does the software achieve the docking of Mobile and campus information and bring a great convenience to the majority of students, but also provide effective support for the school management.
doi:10.14257/ijsh.2014.8.4.03 fatcat:si4kzmlglbbm7hkjiel6czhy6a