Structural, magnetic, and optical properties ofBiFeO3andBi2FeMnO6epitaxial thin films: An experimental and first-principles study

Lei Bi, Alexander R. Taussig, Hyun-Suk Kim, Lei Wang, Gerald F. Dionne, D. Bono, K. Persson, Gerbrand Ceder, C. A. Ross
2008 Physical Review B  
BiFeO 3 and Bi 2 FeMnO 6 films were epitaxially grown on SrTiO 3 ͑001͒ substrates by pulsed-laser deposition, and their structural, magnetic, magneto-optical and optical properties were measured. In Bi 2 FeMnO 6 , Fe is mainly present in the 3+ valence state, while Mn shows multivalence states. Bi 2 FeMnO 6 exhibits low magnetization at room temperature and at 5 K indicating there is no significant B-site ordering. The BiFeO 3 film shows high optical transparency, while Bi 2 FeMnO 6 shows high
more » ... bsorption loss in the infrared. Densityfunctional theory modeling of BiFeO 3 , BiMnO 3 and Bi 2 FeMnO 6 was carried out by applying the generalized gradient approximation ͑GGA͒ and GGA+ U methods. The formation enthalpy of ordered Bi 2 FeMnO 6 is positive for several crystal symmetries and for ferromagnetic ͑FM͒ or antiferromagnetic ͑AFM͒ spin structures at 0 K temperature, indicating B-site ordering is not favored. The electronic structure calculations are consistent with the electronic and optical properties of these films.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.78.104106 fatcat:4s5zlyel3fhevfzd5lp42w2t2a