Topological Indices of Some Classes of Thorn Complete and Wheel Graphs

2021 Letters in Applied NanoBioScience  
We have multiple real numbers that describe chemical descriptors in the field of Graph theory. These descriptors constitute the entire structure of a graph, which possesses an actual chemical structure. Among these, the main focus of topological indices is that they are associated with many non-identical physiochemical properties of chemical compounds. Also, the biological properties of chemical compounds can be established by the topological indices. In this analysis, we compute the Reciprocal
more » ... Randic index〖(R〗^(-1)), Reduced Reciprocal Randic index(〖RR〗^(-1)), Atom-bond Connectivity index(ABC) and the geometric arithmetic index(GA) of thorn graphs are obtained theoretically.
doi:10.33263/lianbs111.33053321 fatcat:fe4e4nxkvvhknhacu2ckpx7zde