Effects of Supplemental Phytase and Xylanase on Phytate Phosphorus Degradation, Ileal Protein and Energy Digestibility of a Corn-soybean-wheat Bran Diets in Broiler Chicks

J Pourreza, H Classen
2001 J. Agric. Sci. Technol   unpublished
Effects of supplemental phytase and xylanase in a corn-soybean meal based diet containing 250 g/Kg wheat bran, were investigated. on broiler performance and phosphorus degradability and nitrogen digestibility. Phytase (500 and 1000 FTU) and xylanase (2700 and 5400 EXU) individually and in combination were added to the basal diet and given to 6 replicate groups (4 birds per replicate). At 21 days of age, birds were weighed and killed , ileal contents were collected and analyzed for P, N, chromic
more » ... d for P, N, chromic oxide and gross energy. Added phytase significantly (P<0.01) improved feed conversion ratio (FCR) (1.59 vs 1.62 g /g) and tibia ash (464.4 vs 444.3 g/Kg). Protein digestibility was increased (81.7 vs 79.4%) significantly (P<0.01) by 500 FTU/Kg added phytase. Supplemental xylanase significantly (P<0.01) improved FCR (1.58 vs 1.63 g/g) and protein digestibility (82.0 vs 80.4%). Phytate P degradability was significantly (P<0.02) improved by added phytase (41.4 vs 27.8%). Combination of supplemental phytase and xylanase had some beneficial effects on improving the nutritive value of diets containing wheat bran for broilers.