Determine the value d(M(G)) for non-abelian p-groups of order q = pnk of Nilpotency c

Behnam Razzaghmaneshi
2020 Ratio Mathematica  
In this paper we prove that if n, k and t be positive integer numbers such that t < k < n and G is a non abelian p-group of order pnk with derived subgroup of order pkt and nilpotency class c, then the minimal number of generators of G is at most p1 2 ((nt+kt−2)(2c−1)(nt−kt−1)+n. In particular, |M(G)| _ p1 2 (n(k+1)−2)(n(k−1)−1)+n, and the equality holds in this last bound if and only if n = 1 and G = H ×Z, where H is extra special p-group of order p3n and exponent p, and Z is an elementary
more » ... s an elementary abelian p-group.
doi:10.23755/rm.v39i0.560 doaj:1a83eb78dfb8418998c865905d68ba92 fatcat:a7dlydbigzh7lewrbyebqh6opi