Reported Mortality

1887 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Some turn the uterus over, others draw it down and remove it. Some leave the opening in the floor of the pelvis, others close it. It may be drained either with iodoform gauze or a tube. If easily done the tubes are also removed. It is not the custom here in Germany as in France and England to use the clamping forceps to restrain the haemorrhage from the ligamenta lata. The prognosis in the total extirpation of the uterus is quite as good as in the supra-vaginal operation, and is rapidly
more » ... ing it. Those attending laparotomies in the clinics of Olshausen and Martin, are required not to come in contact with any infectious material on the day before the operation, to wear clean linen and clothing, which has not been in the reach of infection, to take a full bath immediately before coming to the operation, to remove the coat, vest, collar, neck-tie, and suspenders before entering the room, not to touch any of the instruments or materials used in the operation. The operator and his assistants wear a suit of muslin, and are
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