International Journal of Innovative Trends and Emerging Technologies A HIGH LEVEL KEY-DRIVEN TRANSFORMATIONS FOR HARDWARE SECURITY USING QR CODING

A Kalyani, G Raj
2017 ISSN 23499842(Online)   unpublished
The hardware is protected by various techniques. It involves modification in the layout diagram by adding any dummy connections. Obfuscation is one of the security techniques to protect the hardware. By this method, any gate structure is replaced by xor and an inverter component. It adds additional complexity. Thus reducing the complexity of a device, a high level key driven transformation is used. It includes meaningful and non-meaningful operations. For meaningful operations, each input
more » ... s, each input produces different outputs for every time. And also QR code is used to store the key value. The speed of the process depends on the number of key size and QR code is used to increase claiming rate. Thus the hardware is highly secured by this method.