Application of direct contact heat exchangers to geothermal power production cycles. Project review, December 1, 1974--May 31, 1977 [report]

H.R. Jacobs, R.F. Boehm, A.C. Hansen
1977 unpublished
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more » ... ACT Work performed a t the University on the development of direct contact heat exchanger power cycles for geothermal applications i s reviewed. The period covered i n the report is from the inception o f the project i n 1974 through May 31, 1977. exchanger development as well as from many analyses of components and cycle performance and economics a r e given. ing conditions have been considered, and no major obstacles for the implementation of the concept have been discovered.
doi:10.2172/5044499 fatcat:n7bst3tnenbmdbsqbl4ab2ycca