Species Dynamics in the Two-Parameter Poisson-Dirichlet Diffusion Model

Matteo Ruggiero
2014 Journal of Applied Probability  
The recently introduced two-parameter infinitely-many-neutral-alleles model extends the celebrated one-parameter version (which is related to Kingman's distribution) to diffusive two-parameter Poisson-Dirichlet frequencies. In this paper we investigate the dynamics driving the species heterogeneity underlying the two-parameter model. First we show that a suitable normalization of the number of species is driven by a critical continuous-state branching process with immigration. Secondly, we
more » ... de a finite-dimensional construction of the two-parameter model, obtained by means of a sequence of Feller diffusions of Wright-Fisher flavor which feature finitely many types and inhomogeneous mutation rates. Both results provide insight into the mathematical properties and biological interpretation of the two-parameter model, showing that it is structurally different from the one-parameter case in that the frequency dynamics are driven by state-dependent rather than constant quantities.
doi:10.1017/s0021900200010160 fatcat:3k57phahizaynjrz3aklui4mue