Reinforcing styrene butadiene rubber with lignin-novolac epoxy resin networks

P. Yu, H. He, C. Jiang, D. Wang, Y. Jia, L. Zhou, D. M. Jia
2015 eXPRESS Polymer Letters  
In this study, lignin-novolac epoxy resin networks were fabricated in the styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) matrix by combination of latex compounding and melt mixing. Firstly, SBR/lignin compounds were co-coagulated by SBR latex and lignin aqueous solution. Then the novolac epoxy resin (F51) was added in the SBR/lignin compounds by melt compounding method. F51 was directly cured by lignin via the ring-opening reaction of epoxy groups of F51 and OH groups (or COOH groups) of lignin during the
more » ... g process of rubber compounds, as was particularly evident from Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) studies and maximum torque of the curing analysis. The existence of lignin-F51 networks were also detected by scanning electron microscope (SEM) and dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA). The structure of the SBR/lignin/F51 was also characterized by rubber process analyzer (RPA), thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and determination of crosslinking density. Due to rigid lignin-F51 networks achieved in SBR/lignin/F51 composites, it was found that the hardness, modulus, tear strength, crosslinking density, the temperature of 5 and 10% weight-loss were significantly enhanced with the loading of F51.
doi:10.3144/expresspolymlett.2015.5 fatcat:s6jynyy4evgutdqlv6n7azd5b4