Meeting the Needs of Student Users in Academic Libraries [book]

Michele J. Crump, Leilani S. Freund, Steven Carrico, Ann Lindell, Pascal Lupien, Randy Oldham
Purpose: Customer relation (CR) services in universities libraries are not as productive as expected especially with the advent of technology in Nigeria. Thus, the aim of this study was to examine levels of impact of some newly adoptable and available CR approaches that could possibly facilitate students' patronage in academic libraries in Nigeria in this technology age from the opinion of students. Methodology: The descriptive survey design was adopted using 320 randomly selected student-users
more » ... ected student-users of academic library. A semi self-structured and interview-based constructed questionnaire was used. Descriptive and inferential statistics was used to draw inferences, interpret data and discuss the perspectives of the students. Findings: Time, space, lack of manpower and low levels of satisfactions were observed in the academic libraries to pose a threat to its patronage by students while the use of social media platform, creation of dynamic interactive websites, extension of library open hours, hybridization of the traditional library, e-library and internet, the use of rapid response feedback system and e-mailing services for student inquiry and queries can resolve the low patronage experienced by academic libraries in the technology age. There is the possibility of reaching out to a larger population of student patrons through the provision of a call centre, an interactive dynamic and remote access to library repository. Creating or increasing awareness on services offered in the libraries, marketing products and services can potentially attract more patronage from other users and co-operate bodies by 3%. Research Limitation: The paper sourced information from the immediate environment of the authors which is a single state and its findings and discussion are addressed within the confines of the scope covered, thus cannot be used to generalise in terms of conclusions for other areas uncovered. Social/Practical Implications: Considering the adoption of these new approaches will productively improve academic library performance and patronage where students are the dominant patrons. Originality: The paper x-rays the perspective of student users of academic libraries in Delta State on certain new approaches that have been advocated for by some librarians and tried to ascertain the extent to which this can be of use to them.
doi:10.1533/9781780633237 fatcat:qiq7fx3ajzbgfa4doq7o3iavfi