Introduction to True Bugs (Heteroptera) of the Neotropics [chapter]

Antônio R. Panizzi, Jocélia Grazia
2015 True Bugs (Heteroptera) of the Neotropics  
True bugs (Heteroptera) are a diverse and complex group of insects, particularly in the neotropics. The fauna ofthese bugs has been investigated through time, but our knowledge of the species living in the Neotropical Region is lirnited. ln this introductory chapter, we give a general view on true bugs c1assification and biogeography, with concise comments on their general characteristics and bioecology of each major taxon that comprise each of the seven infraorders of Heteroptera. This
more » ... er, the unique-headed bugs, is divided in two families,Aenictopecheidae and Enicocephalidae. The first family is subdivided into four subfamilies with ten genera and 20 species. These bugs live on or underneath the soil debris or under tree barks showing omnivorous feeding habits (Grazia and Fernandes 2012). The Enicocephalidae has 33 genera and over 400 species divided into five subfamilies. Members of this family show swarming behavior with sexual dimorphism, females being much bigger than males. Wygodzinsky and Schmidt (1991) presented a monography of the fauna of the New World.
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