Cómo apareció el nombre del pueblo "Cabeza de tigrillo" (Cómo ocurió la denominación de Quetzalapa)

George Hillman, Abraham Rivera
2013 Tlalocan  
The authors present two texts from the Guerrero Mixtec región. One relates how the town of Quetzalapa carne to be called in their language Xini Ñáña, "Head of a Tiger". It deals with the migration of a group of Mixtecs from a town calledCahuañaña, 'Tiger Rock', to Quetzalapa, and involves their custom of leaving the bones of the animals they eat as an offering after a meal. The other is the prayer that is said on beginning the construction of an adobe house. The authors note that adobe was introduced into the area only about forty years ago.
doi:10.19130/iifl.tlalocan.1989.126 fatcat:gavjpx2pcncozko7yozofzp65e