Performance Evaluation of Calcined Termite Mound (CTM) Concrete with Sikament NN as Superplasticizer and Water Reducing Agent

Claudius K, Duna S
2017 The International Journal of Engineering and Science  
In this research,5, 10 and 15 % calcined termite mound (CTM) was used to replace cement by weight. A superplasticizer and water reducing agent Sikament NN was administered as an additive. For every percentage level of CTM replacing cement, Sikament NN was added by 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 % by weight of cement and water content of the mix is reduced by 20 % as specified by the manufacturers of Sikament NN. Upon the replacement of cement with CTM the consistency result obtained for normal
more » ... stency is 32.5% for the reference mix, 33.5, 34.8 and 36.2 % for 5%, 10 and 15 % replacement of cement wit CTM respectively, while the setting time was accelerated for all replacement levels. The compressive strength of mixes having 5 and 10 % CTM replacing cement shows strength improvement of 7.6 % and 13.3 % respectively above the reference mix after 90 days, while 15 % replacement recorded a compressive strength reduction of 4.4 % for the same period. As the Sikament NN is being administered, workability reduced significantly at the early stage of administration, but at later stages the slumps improves and collapsing at later stages. However, improved compressive strengths were recorded with respect to the reference mix upon the administration of Sikament NN, 23.4, 20.3 and 13.7 % compressive strength improvement was recorded respectively for 5, 10 and 15 % replacement of cement with CTM.
doi:10.9790/1813-0606014048 fatcat:fjeiyziq5bf7nc65sakei5dmbm