Nonlinear vibrations and time delay control of an extensible slowly rotating beam

Jerzy Warminski, Lukasz Kloda, Jaroslaw Latalski, Andrzej Mitura, Marcin Kowalczuk
2020 Nonlinear dynamics  
AbstractNonlinear dynamics of a rotating flexible slender beam with embedded active elements is studied in the paper. Mathematical model of the structure considers possible moderate oscillations thus the motion is governed by the extended Euler–Bernoulli model that incorporates a nonlinear curvature and coupled transversal–longitudinal deformations. The Hamilton's principle of least action is applied to derive a system of nonlinear coupled partial differential equations (PDEs) of motion. The
more » ... edded active elements are used to control or reduce beam oscillations for various dynamical conditions and rotational speed range. The control inputs generated by active elements are represented in boundary conditions as non-homogenous terms. Classical linear proportional (P) control and nonlinear cubic (C) control as well as mixed ($$P-C$$ P - C ) control strategies with time delay are analyzed for vibration reduction. Dynamics of the complete system with time delay is determined analytically solving directly the PDEs by the multiple timescale method. Natural and forced vibrations around the first and the second mode resonances demonstrating hardening and softening phenomena are studied. An impact of time delay linear and nonlinear control methods on vibration reduction for different angular speeds is presented.
doi:10.1007/s11071-020-06079-3 fatcat:4clbefbngvau3jdcy5hefrcueq