Precepts for a Tranquil Life, A new edition of the Ad neophytos de patientia [CPG 7707:32]

Bram Roosen
2015 Jahrbuch der Østerreichischen Byzantinistik  
A new edition of the Ad neophytos de patientia [CPG 7707.32] Dr. Bram Roosen -KULeuven (Belgium) SUMMARY -The present contribution offers not only an in-depth analysis of the manuscript tradition, but also a new edition of the so-called Ad neophytos de patientia [CPG 7707.32]. With an attribution to four different authors (Gregory of Nazianzus, Maximus the Confessor, Ps. Macarius / Symeon and Clemens of Alexandria) this text has enjoyed quite some attention in scholarly research, but the extant
more » ... rch, but the extant editions still left room for important improvement, both as concerns the stemma and as concerns the number of mss. collated. Moreover, for the first time also a further development of this text is edited, dubbed Traditio Maximiana alterata by us. It is preserved in a single manuscript now in Paris, but probably stems from 14th-century Thessalonica.
doi:10.1553/joeb64s247 fatcat:wd75edvwjzeetgiiqej67lr6cq