Inventions New and Interesting

1918 Scientific American  
I British Standard Ships gives some facts in through a registration board, a rheostat, relation to what is being done on the other a polarized relay, graphite electrodes and an side and is accompanied by two excellent. electrically operated hydraulic valve con illustrations of the type of machinery that nected with the tank containing the satu has been adopted. Automotives in the rated lime solution. The electrodes are Great War reviews what the United States submerged in water at. a point just
more » ... er at. a point just before is doing in the way of providing transpor-that at which the lime is added. tation for its armies. That women are Under ordinary conditions, when the being employed in great numbers in war lime is flowing in the right proportion, the work is well known, but that they are now current from the generator passes equally undertaking the heaviest kinds of labor in through the arms of the Wheatstone England is not generally known. This is bridge and no effect is produced on the illustrated in this issue by a number of registration board. A decision to add lime striking photographs, which are accom-calls for the addition of one or more ohms panied by a note on Women in Technical ! of resistance at the rheostat. This throws Work telling of some lines of employment the arms out of balance and the current where female labor has been found particu-passes through the pdarized relay. This is larly valuable. The paper on The Biologi-connected with the controlling valve and cal Aspects of Warfare is concluded in this the connection immediately opens the issue. A Problem in Wooden Shipbuild-valve and permits a flow of the lime solu ing discusses the important question of the I tion. The lime always lowers the. resist preservation of hulls. The Collocation of ance. As soon as the resistance is lowered Plasmas Within the Cell is an important and more lime is needed the red light on the biological discussion surveying a mechani-registration board flashes before the cal theory of heredity, and is illustrated by operator. Immediately more resistance numerous diagrams. Other articles of is added through the rheostat. interest include German Airplane Engines; If too much lime is heing added a green Evidence of Matter in Space Obstructing the light shows and the resistance is cut down. Passage of Light, Effects of Hearing t'ersus The current flows in one direction through Seeing and Science of Bricklaying. The the relay and when too much lime is added Banana as a Food, Manufacture of Smokeless it flows in an opposite direction and closes Powder. the valves of the hydraulic control.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican01261918-92 fatcat:674wlodbq5a6dckhjugs2eyb6m