Ser49Gly polymorphic markers associations of ADRB1 gene and 4a/4b eNOS gene with hypertension and ischemic heart disease among the population of mountain shoria natives

T A Mulerova, E V Rubtsova, A A Kuz'mina, N P Tatarnikova, V N Maksimov, M I Voevoda, M Iu Ogarkov
2015 Системные гипертензии  
The purpose: to investigate the frequencies of genes ADRB1 and eNOS genotypes and alleles among the population of Mountain Shoria natives (Shors) and their associations with hypertension and ischemic heart disease.Material and methods. Clinical and epidemiological study of the indigenous population of remote Mountain Shoria areas was conducted. 221 people were observed by the continuous method; the sampling included the adult population (18 years and older). Mean age for observed people was
more » ... rved people was 51.07±1.46 years for men, 52.93±0.96 years for women ( p =0.286). Blood pressure measurement was performed by the method of the WHO/ISH (1999). Epidemiological criteria for ischemic heart disease and left ventricular hypertrophy were used on the basis of ECG coding changes by the Minnesota code. Anthropometric data, blood lipid profile, C-reactive protein, 4a/4b polymorphism of eNOS gene, A/G polymorphism of ADRB1 gene were studied.Results. The frequencies of A/G polymorphism genotypes ADRB1 gene in a population of Shors were in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (AA - 47.0%, AG - 41.4%, GG - 11.6%). Genotypes of gene eNOS were as follows: 4b/4b - 80.8%, 4a/4b - 18.7%, 4a/4a - 0.5%. The relative risk of hypertension developing at homozygous for the allele A compared with homozygous for the allele G and heterozygous is higher for 1.6 times (95% CI 1.18-2.09, p =0.003). Accordingly, the relative risk of disease for the carriers of the G allele less than for the carriers of allele A and heterozygotes [RR 95% CI 0.35 (0.12-0.99), p =0.035]. The level of systolic blood pressure is higher at homozygotes AA (137.8±2.5 mm Hg) in comparison with homozygous GG (127.4±4.0 mm Hg). AA genotype carriers had an increased risk of ischemic heart disease in comparison with genotypes AG and GG. The analysis of associations for 4a/4b polymorphism eNOS gene with phenotypic traits among the indigenous ethnic group didn't reveal any statistically significant patterns.Conclusion. The connection between A/G polymorphism of ADRB1 gene and risk factors of ischemic heart disease (with a help of C-reactive protein, atherogenic index).A allele of ADRB1 gene among the Shor population is associated with the risk of hypertension and ischemic heart disease.
doi:10.26442/sg29072 fatcat:xa46fwam2zdmfalvbuqnyhtzke