Republican Star 06-1814

(:Unkn) Unknown
fVo 10 7' PHIN'lED AND PUBLISHED, ruESDAr MO/:.V/.VC, Mr Pcrun OF THE LAWS OF THE UNION.) . THE TKKMS Arc Two Dollar and ."r/?i/ r,'"/< pernnnnm. payohle h.ilf yearlr.ln advance : No paper can bcdincontinued until the bameis paid for. Thomas < 'hi JM ie ^ iranc. R' irk well 1 -mes C.iM|«ie V'i u, a-Olarke t) ^onper ' l» W Fmbush I 1 J A .. ^l K M»a?'h rc;imcnl«ot In tn.ttrv are also cons'ilirlalrd, and wil'f'.rm MVO regimen!*, to he numbered the 17th and 19th letji-ini1 ill of lufan'rv
more » ... The offir«-r* » t;inh«d to these corps and regi jntnls will !> a« fallows. viz :
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