Polarization investigation of a tunable high-speed short-wavelength bulk-micromachined MEMS-VCSEL

H. A. Davani, B. Kögel, P. Debernardi, C. Grasse, C. Gierl, K. Zogal, Å. Haglund, J. Gustavsson, P. Westbergh, T. Gründl, P. Komissinskiy, T. Bitsch (+7 others)
2012 Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers XVI  
Citation for the published paper: Davani, H. ; Kögel, B. ; Debernardi, P. (2012) "Polarization investigation of a tunable highspeed short-wavelength bulk-micromachined MEMS-VCSEL". ABSTRACT We report the investigation of the state of polarization (SOP) of a tunable vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) operating near 850 nm with a mode-hop free single-mode tuning range of about 12 nm and an amplitude modulation bandwidth of about 5 GHz. In addition, the effect of a sub-wavelength
more » ... g on the device and its influence on the polarization stability and polarization switching has been investigated. The VCSEL with an integrated sub-wavelength grating shows a stable SOP with a polarization mode suppression ratio (PMSR) more than 35 dB during the tuning.
doi:10.1117/12.908262 fatcat:ql5fyzyzkrhz3pv4bdoorumiui