Microstructure and Property Co-relation of 4% Carbon Fe-C Alloy System [chapter]

Ranjan Kumar Behera, Sudipta Sen, Subash Chandra Mishra
2019 Hysteresis of Composites  
The suitable combination of strength and toughness makes ductile cast iron (DCI) the most preferred alloy for structural and engineering applications, among other members in the Fe-C alloy system. The property of DCI is dependent upon its microstructure that varies with dosage of alloying elements during the casting process as well as upon subjected to different heat treatment process. The microstructure of DCI consists of spheroidal graphite and either a single phase or combination of phases
more » ... ination of phases depending upon alloying element and heat treatment process, consequentially resulting in a combination of strength and toughness as desired for specified application. The current chapter discusses the relation between change in microstructural aspects with respect to various alloying elements as well as heat treatment processes. Emphasis is given on reveling the effect of physical characteristics with mechanical and tribological properties. The chapter is concluded by a case study on the effect of alloying elements and heat treatment processes on microstructure as well as mechanical and tribological properties of DCI.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.86203 fatcat:la72phvkwngsjljb2ondsvnnlq