Proposal of a Semi-autonomous Workshop to Learn GIS in Geosciences

Raffaella Balzarini, Muriel Ney, Paule-Annick Davoine
For the last 10 years, geoscience professions have been changing their practices including new technologies and new proficiencies of geomatic sciences. As a consequence, geological skills and knowledge required by the labour market today evolve but, paradoxically, geosciences in France's higher education curriculums do not seem to answer these new needs. Our proposal is a learning system whose main goal is to facilitate the spread of GIS learning. In this paper we introduce how the learning
more » ... em has been set up and assessed. The first step consisted in an overview of the evolution of professional practices, and an analysis of pedagogical practices deployed in GIS university courses in Geosciences. This phase was followed by the setup of the learning system. An experimental process was also carried out with groups of students. The preliminary results are presented here. This project is led by Joseph Fourier University along with Esri France, the