Bittium reticulatum s.l. en comunidades fósiles y actuales. 2: estudio del crecimineto (alometría e isometría)

Isabel Llop, Jordi Martinell, Miguel De Renzi
1992 Zenodo  
The analyses referred to the a coefficient of the allometry equation (y=axb) show a differentiation between distinct morphologies (A, B, C). Such differentiation seems to be clearer in the pliocenic forms than in the recent ones. Concerning to the b exponent of this equation, an unification between the three morphologies is observed, althoug the C forms are always more allometrical negatives than the A ones. The B forms, when present (recent forms), can adopt either values comprised in those A
more » ... nd C (but more identifiables with the C ones) or values nearer to the isometry of the C forms
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4642628 fatcat:ly53gu75jfadhl62t7g6piapfe