Trading Activity and Liquidity Supply in a Pure Limit Order Book Market. An Empirical Analysis Using a Multivariate Count Data Model

Joachim Grammig, Andréas Heinen, Erick Williams Rengifo
2004 Social Science Research Network  
In this paper we perform an empirical analysis of the trading process in a pure limit order book market, the Xetra system which operates at various European exchanges. We study how liquidity supply and demand as well as price volatility affect future trading activity and market resiliency, and discuss the results in the light of predictions implied by theoretical models of financial market microstructure. Parameter estimation and hypotheses testing is conducted using a new econometric
more » ... onometric methodology designed for the analysis of multivariate count processes. ii Biais, B., P. Hillion, and C. Spatt, 1995, An empirical analysis of the limit order book and the order flow in the Paris Bourse, Journal of Finance 52, 655-681. , 1999, Price discovery and learning during the preopening period in the paris bourse, the intensity of buy and sell arrivals in a limit order book market, Mimeo, University of Technology, Sidney and University of Konstanz. Handa, P., R. Schwartz, and A. Tiwari, 2003, Quote setting and price formation in an order driven market, Journal of Financial Markets 6, 461-489. 28
doi:10.2139/ssrn.676567 fatcat:vvcbojokyrdypgmfuguoekgvoy