Multiaxial mechanical behavior of human fetal membranes and its relationship to microstructure

W. Buerzle, C. M. Haller, M. Jabareen, J. Egger, A. S. Mallik, N. Ochsenbein-Koelble, M. Ehrbar, Edoardo Mazza
This study was directed to the measurement of the mechanical response of fetal membranes to physiologically relevant loading conditions. Characteristic mechanical parameters were determined and their relation to the microstructural constituents collagen and elastin as well as to the pyridinium cross-link concentrations analyzed. 51 samples from twelve fetal membranes were tested on a custom-built inflation device, which allows mechanical characterization within a multiaxial state of stress.
more » ... ods of nonlinear continuum mechanics were used to extract representative mechanical parameters. Established biochemical assays were applied for the determination of the collagen and elastin content. Collagen cross-link concentrations were
doi:10.3929/ethz-b-000070361 fatcat:p4rvwj7xg5hp3ayd6ib7xd2zuq