K.Indrajakshi*, Y.Nikhila, B.Lathasree, T.Nikhita, G.Pushpa, Yenumula Nettekallu, Ashok Kumar .D
2017 Zenodo  
India being a developing country in wealth but poor in health conditions of people due to lack of quality pharmacist and significance to the pharmacist. Out of total population in rural (around 68%), due to unhygienic conditions and lack of awareness they suffer from several communicable and infectious diseases and in urban people, even though they maintain hygienic conditions due to factors like pollution, lifestyle and stress they suffer from lifestyle diseases. The pharmacist is health
more » ... ist is health professional who is easily available and accessable therefore he should be involved in prevention and treatment of the diseases. In this review, we will study in which generic medicines, Lifestyle modifications, establishing drug information centers, Preventing antibiotic resistance, Conducting smoking cessation and awareness programme's, Improving the percent of immunization further focusing on Clinical research and Pharmacovigilance thus pharmacist has a role from dispensing to total patient care which improves the therapeutic outcomes of patients. The main criteria for these roles are interaction between the pharmacist and patient which needs a consultative area in each pharmacy. A change in nation's health happens when government recognize the importance of pharmacist and provide opportunities to utilize his efforts to society.aspects the pharmacist should be involved for utilizing his efforts for development of health in society. A healthy Pharma nation can be achieved by involving a pharmacist in many aspects like the proper counseling to the patient, Educating people on importance of pharmacist and provide opportunities to utilize his efforts to society.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2384436 fatcat:vza3x64w25bfldbtsnquqwqo64