Topological Indices of Para-line Graphs of V-Phenylenic Nanostructures

Imran Nadeem, Hani Shaker, Muhammad Hussain, Asim Naseem
2019 Open Mathematics  
The degree-based topological indices are numerical graph invariants which are used to correlate the physical and chemical properties of a molecule with its structure. Para-line graphs are used to represent the structures of molecules in another way and these representations are important in structural chemistry. In this article, we study certain well-known degree-based topological indices for the para-line graphs of V-Phenylenic 2D lattice, V-Phenylenic nanotube and nanotorus by using the symmetries of their molecular graphs.
doi:10.1515/math-2019-0020 fatcat:24rxofc67rbnloshpoazvhnthi