Therapeutical options in pectus carinatum in young patients

Arianna Rimessi, Alessandra Mazzucco, Stefano Fieschi, Massimo Torre
2019 Pediatric Medicine  
Pectus carinatum (PC) is the one of the most frequent deformity of the chest wall and it occurs mostly in young males. The pathology is often caused by the overgrowth of the costal cartilages and the anterior displacement of the sternum. PC can be associated to other pathologies or syndromes; in most cases is asymptomatic but with important impact on social life and self-esteem. The treatment can be performed either through non-invasive methods (brace) or surgical ones (open or minimally
more » ... e procedures), considering the age of the patient, the malformation severity and the patient's compliance. The most used bracing device is the Dynamic Compression System (DCS), that permit to measure the pressure necessary for the correction. They have considered the chest wall compliance, related to the age and the pressure can be modified during the treatment based on the results. Surgery is dedicated to the patients who don't tolerate the brace or who don't have a good chest wall compliance. In literature both open and minimally invasive procedures have been proposed. The best therapeutic choice depends on characteristic of the single patient and his motivation.
doi:10.21037/pm.2019.05.02 fatcat:hqqgx6dz4jdedfixlxb6fekuva