Evolving Methods for Evaluating and Disseminating Computing Research [article]

Benjamin Zorn, Tom Conte, Keith Marzullo, Suresh Venkatasubramanian
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Social and technical trends have significantly changed methods for evaluating and disseminating computing research. Traditional venues for reviewing and publishing, such as conferences and journals, worked effectively in the past. Recently, trends have created new opportunities but also put new pressures on the process of review and dissemination. For example, many conferences have seen large increases in the number of submissions. Likewise, dissemination of research ideas has become
more » ... y through publication venues such as arXiv.org and social media networks. While these trends predate COVID-19, the pandemic could accelerate longer term changes. Based on interviews with leading academics in computing research, our findings include: (1) Trends impacting computing research are largely positive and have increased the participation, scope, accessibility, and speed of the research process. (2) Challenges remain in securing the integrity of the process, including addressing ways to scale the review process, avoiding attempts to misinform or confuse the dissemination of results, and ensuring fairness and broad participation in the process itself. Based on these findings, we recommend: (1) Regularly polling members of the computing research community, including program and general conference chairs, journal editors, authors, reviewers, etc., to identify specific challenges they face to better understand these issues. (2) An influential body, such as the Computing Research Association regularly issues a "State of the Computing Research Enterprise" report to update the community on trends, both positive and negative, impacting the computing research enterprise. (3) A deeper investigation, specifically to better understand the influence that social media and preprint archives have on computing research, is conducted.
arXiv:2007.01242v1 fatcat:owrlm3i4mrbizdknjajvncs2la