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1908 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
Journal and Patent Literature. PATEST SPECIPIOATIOSS mny bf! obtninrd by Doat bv renlittiog ns foiiotvs :-Eagluh.-8d. ench. to the Comptroller 01 the l'nterit Olnce, C. X. Dnlton. Esq., Southnmpton Buildings, Chnncery Lnne, London, W.C. United Slaterr.-la. mrli, to the Seeretnry of the Society. French.-I fr. 55 c. enrh. to Berlin ct Cio.. 50, IUrc des Frnncs-Boergeole, Paris (3e.). [Oct. 16. 1008. 070 CL. IL-FUEL, GAS, & LIGHT. tho conipression is sunicieiit to overconic tho pressuro in tho
more » ... rnicdinto clinniber. 16, tho vnlvos, 8, lift, and tho air onters tlic cl~nml~or, 1G. It is licre furtlicr COIU-~~mssod durin tlie doanwnrd stroke of tlio uppor piston, 19, and assos %rough tho ports, 18, in tlio cylinder, 17, into $10 uppcr clinmbcr, 10, from wliic~i i t escapes tlirougii tho outlot passogo, 24.-W. IT. C. Air-pyronidcr. If. Arndt. Fr. Pnt. 385,092, April 7, 190s. THE pyrouiotcr vessel, V : , is csposed in tlie flue, IC, to tho tonipcraturo wliicli i t is dcsircd .to nlcnsurc, and] is connected by tlio narrow tulle. 1. wit11 tlie flout-verlsel,'2. R a t o r flows froiii tho coiistiint-lcvcl cistom, 21, by tho intormittoiit siplion, 96, into the tubc, 12. '1'110 \vn!er rieas in tlio bulb, lG, dtivcs tlio air bcforo i t into tlic bulb, 17, nnd forcos tlio nierciiry from tho lnttor into tlio bulb. 8" which is in coriiniunicntion with tlio ntniosplicrc, by tho tubo, 20. As tlic mercury risos, it cuts off tho communication with tlic atu\osphoro niid iiiiprisons a dofinito quantity of air in tho l~ulb,.wV~. 'J'lic mercury continuos to rise until it ronclics tho Iovol, ?ti. '1'110 nir is driven into tlio boll, J'n, floatin in tlio iiicrrury, 3, in tlio tube, 2. TI^ tcnsioii of i i o air in y2, vrrics with tlio tompcraturo, nnd n sinallor or grcntcr quniitity of tlio air drivon upwards by tho Incrcurv f i i i d~ its way into tlio VOSSOI, v*, ns tlio tonipcraturc toiiig iiicnsurcd is higlior or lowor tlinii that of tlio atniosphorc, tlio romnindor going to tho float. C O l l H C~U O l l t l~ tlio Iioight t o whioli tlio float, Pa, r i m , dol)ciida up011 thc tciiilmrnturo which is being mcnsurcd. 3'110 Jlont, \':I, is roiiiiectod by tho rod, 4, and tlio ndjustiiig ivciglil, 4:1, to tho co~ii. pound loror, 8, 0, 7, 28,.?9, 30, carlying tlio pcii, 9, wliicli rogistoi~ tlio tomporatiire on tlio driini, 10. Oonlponsntion for wriations in thc atniosphorio lircssurc is obtained by tho anoroid-bnromoter discs, 20, carriod by tho lover. R'lien tho tubo, 12, is filled to tlio level of tho top of tho siphon, 13, tlio lnttor acts, tho tubo, 12, is omptiud and tlic mercury in I T , , sinks into tlic bulb, I'i, until tho siphon, 2G, agnin conimeiicos t o act, whon tho mcnsuremcnt is repeated.-1%'. H. C. DissoZ~+ng apparalna. Sicg-Rlioinisclio Hutton-A.-G. Gor. Pat. 108,010, XOV. 30, 1000. Tim substnnco to bo dissolrcd is phxxl in n funnol which costs in tho fluinel-shaped upper end of a long vertical tubo. Tho solvont is forced up tl~rougli tho long tub0 nnd orerfloivs botcvecn tho uliper ond of tho lnttor nnd tho funnel. It tlicn falls, and by tho injoctor nctioii of tho rising liquid, is ngain clrawn up into tho long verticnl tube, a continuous circulntion boing thus obtained. Wlien tho solution ling attnined tlio desired conrontrntion, i t is drawn off tlirougli a soparnto outlot.-A. S. Dissolving solids in liptidn ; Device /or-. E. Gminder. Gcr. Pat. 19D,?S3, Julio 20, 1907. TIIE ~~c s s o l in wliicli tlic solution is offoctod lins a funnelslinped bottoiu, ~~rovidccl with n slit, in irliicli a rircular saw rotntes.-A. S. ! Evaporalioii o/ lye8 and ollicr lipuirla. G. Zscliocke. Cor. Pnt. 19S,Oi4, Fob. S, 1007. distillntos into sopnratc rcccirors.-A. S. , Cr,t/dallisalioii ; JIclLod of --. J. Bock, Rndobeul, Gorninny. Eng. Pat. 4083, Fob. 22, 190s. Uiidoc hit. Conv., J n n . 30, 1008. SEE Fr. Pat. 387,104 of 1908 ; this J., l!lOS, SDB.-T. F. B. I I Pilleri,ig apparntua. 13. 31. Jiigor, Birltonliend. U.S. Pat. 807,745, Sopt. I, 1006. SEE Rng. Piit. 20,077 of 1907 ; this J., 19OS, 437.-'l!. F. B. 11.-FUEL; GAS, AND LIGHT. Irolnfile m l l c r o/ cod : Sittiire o/ -us cvolced iitrder tfifleretit cu~rdifiot~s. 11. C. l'ortcr nnd F. I<. Ovitz. J. Ainor. Cliom. SOC., NOS, 30, 146(r-1807. DURIXO storagc, so1110 conls orolru gns of n coniposition siiiiilnr t o thnt of "iinturnl gns " (chiolly niotlinno) ; in soino cnscs, osygcn is rnpidlv nbsorbed from tlionir, and no cnrbon diosidcforiiiod. J Y~C I I dried in 1110 nir st I W C., soino coals loso upprcciiablo nniounts of carboii diosido, niid most conle tnlio up oxygen to a considcrablo ostclit, but in iiono of tlio ciisos usuiiiincd wns tlicro any considornblo forinnlioii of couibustiblo gnscs. In 1110 dcutructivu distillntion of dilIcreiit conls, tho untriro of t l~o rolntilo products ovolvcd nt Iolv toinpcrnturc8, during tlio cnrly stngcs of Iicnting, vnrios considurnbly. according to t,ho sliiolio.produci~ig tciideiicics of tho conlfi. I h r i i~g coinbiilition, 1110 oxygen of t,hc coal is orolvcd piii'tly in tho forni of oxides of ciirboii iiiiil l)iii*t.Iy ns antc.r rit1ioiii; Anniioiiia sulplirtk, or rcciuced to equivalent in whcrcns in Dulong's formula for tho oalculntion of tho calorifio valiio from tho corn)ositioii of tho coal, it is nssuine(1 that tiio mliolc of tlio osygcn oombincs wit11 hydrogcn.-A. s. ' s 20 610,731 3,130,830 53:QU5,7U5 I 1,?42,630 G'oul dust czperirtioifs. " Timcs," Scpt. 05, 1906. [T.R.] TIIE cspcrimeiitnl gnllcry a t t\kOft8 Collicry for tlio inrestigntioii of conl dust osplosions (sue this J., 10OS, SSS), lins now bccn cstciidcd to n of 1053 fcct. It was fouud that, until tho conl tlnst zotlo osccdcd nbout IS0 ft. in length, iiillnmtiiability only W I M obtninctl, no csplosiro forcc liaviiig bccn tnanifcstcd. Thc tiibc is fitted with nn iiitnlio return nirwny fnri for producing n rcritilntion current, nnd tirnbcr scts nrc crccted and mils Inid tliroriglior~t tlic iiitnko cnrrying 10 cwt. tubs. Y'lic con1 dust nnd stono drtst as rcqrrircd nrc distribitted over tho surfncc of iinrrow wootlcn Icdgc~, riiniiiiig horizoritnlly nlong tho riitlcs of tho tubc. Tho dust is raised nnd niiscd wi!h nir by firing, by nienns of n fitsc, n suinll cnnnon plnccd insitlo tho tribc, clinrged with 4 oz. of blnsting po\rdcr. !"i s is follo~vcd I J~ tho csplosion of a Inrgcr cnnnoii plncctl further in, cliargcd with 1ti oz. . of blasting powtlcr, whicli rcprcsctits a I)lou.ii-oiib shot in blnsting. Y.'h con1 dust \vns nt first telrcti from the pit screens, but is no\v, for tliu snkc of uriifurinity, obtniiied bF grinding luiiip coal in n tlieintcgrator. Sci-ciityntno par cent,. of tlic coal tliits grountl a i l 1 pnss the nicsl~cs of a sccoen 40,000 to the q i i i i r u iiicIi. Twenty-sis ospurinicnts wcro conducted bot\vecn JIny 0 nntl Angust I.& of tho prcscnt ycnr with oiilv olio fnilure nut1 no pcrsonnl injurics. ~I i c results obtitiiictl in tltis gii~~cry nro in no yny diiisiiiiilnr to tliosc iwtiially cxliil~itccl niter n collicry disaster. In tlic case of tlic cspcritncntnl csplosioii, tlio rcporb lins bcon licnrd soron miles nwny. 'Jllie cotnbiiintioii iieccssnry to set up nii osplos.ioii in sncli II nicdinni, to devolop its full force, must m lirst of 1111 itivcslignted from a fundnmcntol stnnd )oilit beforo niiy coriclnsiou cnu bu form& as to tliu m J nntnro of thc pro\Jlem confronting tho niining cnginecr cnsnring tho snfcty of tho minu. For thia pnrt of tho inqniry tlio cotnmittco in clinrgu of tho iiivcsti ation linvo sccurd tho serriccs of Dr. 1;. 1 ' . \jrlicclcr, ntio wili collnborato witli l'rofessor W. A. 13otic. Tlic cspcrimciit on Scpt. 24th wns intontied to dcmonstmtc ivlicthcr an csplosion cnii bo conlincxl to n conl dnst nrca by snndwricliing , it botwcen two lcngtlis sprmd with stono duet. \\'it11 this cnd in riow tltu conditions of tlic test \vcro nrinngccl in tho following n~nnncr, iiniuolv :-A zono of 3ti7 it. of con\ dust wns sniidwioiicct betwccii two storic dust zoncs of 210 ft. cncli, i m l tliu cniuions firccl in tlic usunl ninnncr. Tlic cspcrimciit yns cntircly tjntisfnctory, 110 llnnio issuing from tlic end of tho tube. Cool outpiit 01 Indiu in 1007. Uonrd of Trndc J., Scpt. 24, 100s. C' l' .l.R.] 3,174,702 7 ,~i a , 0 7 i Tits ontput of con1 in 1007 nmonntctl to 10,590,40S tons, ns coinpnrcd with 0,112,tiVJ in 1'300. Of this, 9,!)1):3,:IAs tons wero rniscd in I%ciignl, cxcecding tho oiitpnt of tho prccoding ycnr by 1,375,528 tons. 3111~ priiicipnl increases ooino froni tho Jlicrria conl~licld, nliuro tlie outpub lins ~O I I O up o \ w ono ntillion tons, nnd from tluit of Uiirtlwnn, o\*ar 200,000 tons. J?uncli Vallcy in the Central l'roviiiccs has niorc tltnii doiiblctl its output, wliilo Uurmn lins ccnscd to procliico m y c o d . Tlio conl trndu of h i g n l coiitinucd ostreiiicly iictivc during tlic ycnr, nntl high priccs mcro iiiaintained. Prodiidion 01 coke i w U t d f t l Sl(ifes. E. \C J'nrkcr. " A h . liosourocs for 1007. [' .t' .H.] Fnov 1803, wliuii tho first pluiit of 12 br-protluct O \~~I I H \\ns coni )lotctl by tIiu Souiot SoIvny ~o . ' o f ~yrncufio, x.Y., to t t o close of 1(~0tl, t~icro wns n stcndy incrcnsu in tilo constrnc~ioii of bv-product o\~ciis in 111; UiiitctI Sttitcs. I)n!iiig t~i u IIIHL t,\ireo ycnra tiicru ~i n a been n fiilliiig o t~ In I)cc. 1'303, tllcro \~PI'U 1938 by-l)rotluct ovcns in coiirso of coitstrnct.ioii ; iii 1004 tliuro ivuro 832 : in Doc" 1008, 417 ; in 1000, 112 ; iii 1)cc. 1007, 330. .Tim vnluo of tliu gas, tar, nnd nminonia obtnhcd from 7,50ti,174 tons of con1 in 1007 wns Si,S4S,071. hi 1001, 84,4SG,EL3 tolls of conl \wco c o l i~d -in bcc-liirc owns, ~lio\ritig. on tlic rntio of tho aboro figuroii, n wnstc of Iy-products atno,unting to s~5,000,000. Including tlio o u t p i ; froui l)g-prorlnct ovens, tho total prodnction of coke in 1967 sns 40,770.0ti4 short tons (2000 Ib.) vnlucd nt S111,6:N,19U, 1iyninat3U,401,217 short tons, ~i i l n~l nt .SDl,tiOS,03.I, in l!KJti. 'L'lio nvcrn 10 price pcr ton nt tlic ovens rose froin SPZ in NOG to $?*i.L in 1007-tho p i c e for 2s ycnm. Of tltu totnl production in 1007, 35,11l,Gti5 tons or Yti.25 per cotit. wore bceliiro, ns ngninst 5,G07,80D tons of b y -~~~o t l~c t Coke, 01' 13-55 por ccnt. Tho prodtiction of IJccliirc coke iiicreosd 10-18 por ccnt. \vliile retort ovcn coko incrcnml 23.03 per cciit. Tlic totnl prodnction of colic in l!JO7 wnli ~O I I I J I O tlint of 1000 nntl itiorc tltnn tlircc titrios t1i:it of I S ! ) : . l'lio con1 cokod in by-protlricL OVCIIJ in 1!IOi vicltlcd ti) per cent. of coke, ns agaiiist. X~.U per cent. in ~n b t i , nnd 7.1.S per ccnt. in I!JO8, 11 iiiricli Inrgcr yield then is pwisiblo' in I)celiirc ovcns. The tritnl ~n l w of by-piudrict i n'ns rnntlu it11 n s follows :-c -Tho gas ia tho " S I I~~~U R " not cotiauniotl in tlic coking. p r o c c .~ wliioh is oitlicr sold or uscd. Tlir following tnblo girm tho quantity iind vnliic of ookc imported and ciitoretl for consumption in tho t'nitcd Stntes froiii 1002 to 1907, inclusiva, reduced to hltort tons :-' L ' h quantity of colic? csportecl fron,i, tilo United State8
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