Improving the Security for In-Vehicle CAN using Hash Algorithm

K Nandhini, S Vasanthi
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
The modern vehicle is dependent on software to manage their functionalities. In automotive industry for updating and maintaining the in-vehicle of software process, it is a costly method. So to produce wireless communication to vehicles, vehicular to maintain many new applications to the vehicles. The vehicle contain an electronic control units and controller area network. An electronic control unit is used to control the electrical system of vehicle (ECU) and CAN is commonly used to build an
more » ... ficient network of ECU. Unfortunately, some security issued are allowed in CAN, so whole in-vehicle network could be critical. In-vehicle networks connected to the external device, key management technique is used for secure communication between vehicle and external network using AES algorithm. In this paper, we improve a security protocol for in-vehicle CAN using MD5 algorithm which helps to communicate between vehicle and driver's smart phone. This MD5 algorithm is a one way hash function, which provides security to original message and message is more secured. Key word: controller area network, key management technique, ECU, MD5 algorithm, in-vehicle network