DDKA-QKDN: Dynamic On-Demand Key Allocation Scheme for Quantum Internet of Things Secured by QKD Network

Liquan Chen, Qianye Chen, Mengnan Zhao, Jingqi Chen, Suhui Liu, Yongli Zhao
2022 Entropy  
In the era of the interconnection of all things, the security of the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a new challenge. The theoretical basis of unconditional security can be guaranteed by using quantum keys, which can form a QKD network-based security protection system of quantum Internet of things (Q-IoT). However, due to the low generation rate of the quantum keys, the lack of a reasonable key allocation scheme can reduce the overall service quality. Therefore, this paper proposes a
more » ... on-demand key allocation scheme, named DDKA-QKDN, to better meet the requirements of lightweight in the application scenario of Q-IoT and make efficient use of quantum key resources. Taking the two processes of the quantum key pool (QKP) key allocation and the QKP key supplement into account, the scheme dynamically allocates quantum keys and supplements the QKP on demand, which quantitatively weighs the quantum key quantity and security requirements of key requests in proportion. The simulation results show that the system efficiency and the ability of QKP to provide key request services are significantly improved by this scheme.
doi:10.3390/e24020149 pmid:35205445 pmcid:PMC8871126 fatcat:zfjydco4xbem3ap2ldynivfzwm