Decomposition of repetition priming components in picture naming

Wendy S. Francis, Nuvia I. Corral, Mary L. Jones, Silvia P. Sáenz
2008 Journal of experimental psychology. General  
Cognitive mechanisms underlying repetition priming in picture naming were decomposed in several experiments. Sets of encoding manipulations meant to selectively prime or reduce priming in object identification or word production components of picture naming were combined factorially to dissociate processes underlying priming in picture naming. Experiments 1, 2, and 3 were conducted with Spanish-English bilingual participants and bilingual materials. Experiments 4, 5A, and 5B were
more » ... were single-language experiments in English or Spanish. A simple process model was used to formalize the theoretical predictions and test them across all experiments simultaneously. Object identification and word production processes were selectively influenced in an additive manner, which suggests that the 2 sets of processes are independent and sequential. The patterns of facilitation support a quantitative model of transfer-appropriate processing in which shared processes from encoding to test are the causal basis and speeded processes are the mechanism of facilitation.
doi:10.1037/0096-3445.137.3.566 pmid:18729716 fatcat:uuofzvo3hfbkphjci3j74ahg44