Annihilation rates of heavy 1−− S-wave quarkonia in Salpeter method

Hui-feng Fu, Xiang-jun Chen, Guo-Li Wang
2010 Physics Letters B  
The annihilation rates of vector 1^-- charmonium and bottomonium ^3S_1 states V → e^+e^- and V→ 3γ, V →γ gg and V → 3g are estimated in the relativistic Salpeter method. We obtained Γ(J/ψ→ 3γ)=6.8× 10^-4 keV, Γ(ψ(2S)→ 3γ)=2.5× 10^-4 keV, Γ(ψ(3S)→ 3γ)=1.7× 10^-4 keV, Γ(Υ(1S)→ 3γ)=1.5× 10^-5 keV, Γ(Υ(2S)→ 3γ)=5.7× 10^-6 keV, Γ(Υ(3S)→ 3γ)=3.5× 10^-6 keV and Γ(Υ(4S)→ 3γ)=2.6× 10^-6 keV. In our calculations, special attention is paid to the relativistic correction, which is important and can not be
more » ... gnored for excited 2S, 3S and higher excited states.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2010.07.050 fatcat:jccg7pn37jcjdl736hdgsjxsui