Unique Flight Features of Shuttlecock [article]

Vandana Kaushik
2017 unpublished
Badminton is crowd pleasing racquet sport. Unlike other racquet sport the projectile shuttlecock has highly unique flight features. These unique flight characteristics of shuttlecock have interested many researchers for number of years. Question that arise in my study are what makes the flight features of a shuttlecock so unique and how these unique features of a shuttlecock work in badminton game. Here in this paper we will highlight the versatile behavior of shuttlecock. Shuttlecock glides
more » ... h a pure drag trajectory. Trajectory of shuttlecock is completely different from the parabola. So the first section concerns the trajectories of the shuttlecock at the scale of badminton court. Shuttlecock always flies keeping its snout ahead. In second section we will study how the canonical shape of shuttlecock helps it to flip after the impact with racquet. The third section will cover the study, how the flight of shuttlecock depends upon its geometry. And finally we will study how these flight features of shuttlecock influences the game of badminton.
doi:10.13140/rg.2.2.21767.75687 fatcat:uyrm5kfmivb47bpomsadjlrfrm