Science in Transition Reduced to Practice [chapter]

Frank Miedema
2021 Open Science: the Very Idea  
AbstractIn the true spirit of Dewey and pragmatism, knowledge, insights and experience have to be translated into interventions and actions. Only when knowledge is 'reduced to practice' its social robustness and value will be determined. In light of the conclusions of the previous Chapter, to be able to have more impact and to hold up our promise to society we have to reflect who our science is organized and how it could be improved. From these reflections, several interventions in the practice
more » ... of research have been proposed. When we, the Science in Transition Team, started to make public our critical accounts of the practice of science, I was 'friendly advised' by influential older scientists to first clean up the mess in my own institution, instead of pointing to others and to the system. As a matter of fact, that is what we have been doing at University Medical Centre Utrecht (UMC Utrecht) since 2009. In this chapter I present a brief outline of our actions 'on the ground' in UMC Utrecht and some early actions to promote these activities abroad.
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