Effects of heavy metals contamination on health [article]

Asma Bibi
2022 Zenodo  
Water, the universal solvent, is an essential component of our body. About 60% of our body is made up of water, and it is used by everybody cell as it carries water, oxygen and nutrients into and out of cells. So, it is a crucial part of the body, and its quality matters to us because our health is directly linked with the quality of water we consume. Today the availability of clean drinking water is getting challenging, and its contamination is increasing day by day. It is not a country or
more » ... onwide problem. It has now become a worldwide threat. About 884 million people did not get access to drinking water (according to UNICEF progress on drinking water sanitation and hygiene 2000-2017) 1 in 3 people globally are unable to take safe quality drinking water. Water gets unhealthy and contaminated due to certain pollutants, namely bacteria, viruses & heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury and arsenic. Although all contaminants threaten life, heavy metals have more adverse effects on human life.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5838866 fatcat:szarwvcw7vdbtko42dmbiwdcgi